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Groundwater Management

The District manages the groundwater resourecs within its jurisdiction through the registration of water wells and permitting of groundwater production amd groundwater transfer in a sustainable manner that will conserve, preserve, and protect groundwater within its jurisdiction as well as prevent waste and protect the rights of owners of interests in groundwater.

Well owners, or their legally-authorized agents, may register wells with and  request permits from the District authorizing activities such as production of groundwater from non-exempt use wells and the transport of groundwater out of the District.  

 Contact Mike Benavides, Compliance Specialist to discuss matters related to water well registration and permitting at:

  • phone: (361)579-6863
  • email:


Request an Investigation

Complete and submit the following form to request the District investigate a potential violation of the rules of the district:

Application to Request an Investigation (ARI)


Submit a Complaint

Complete and submit the following form to file a complaint with the district as provided under Texas Water Code 36.119:

Compliant Form (CID)


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